Microsoft copies Apple with the Xbox 360S

14 06 2010

Microsoft has announced a slim Xbox 360 this morning which offers everything the old xbox had, + wifi, and a bigger hard drive, all in a slimmer package. Its also very good looking and is well worthy of a slim model, but this is not what makes me mad. Rather than calling it somthing clever, they officialy named is the Xbox 360S, which is a blatant copy of Apples recent release, The iPhone 3Gs. I have lost all hope for microsoft….


Wii Sports has outsold all of Gran Turismo and Halo COMBINED

9 06 2010

The two biggest selling franchises on the Microsoft and Sony platforms have both been outsold by Nintendos new franchise Wii Sports.

Wii sports has been a huge success, selling over 63 million copies, more than any other game in history. Halo has been a chart topper also, but not nearly at the scale of Wii sports, reaching over 30 million. The Gran Turismo series has reached over 50 milion, bringing the combined sales of Gran Turismo and Halo up to 80 million.

However we are factoring in series sales, and the Wii Sports resort brings Wii sports up to 81 million sales. The Margin is small, but Nintendo’s new franchise has managed to beat out generation old best sellers by a long shot, and even when you combine the two, Wii sports resort still manages to sell more copies.

Microsoft’s Strategy is Rapacious

12 04 2010

The Xbox 360 is a huge success, mainly because of the strategy microsoft had when launching it, and the way they handle that strategy is working to gain more sales, but in the end it ends up hurting the user, while still getting money from it. Their strategy is very rapacious.

Launching a console at the cheapest price point possible was the first thing they did, and by doing so most of the console features became accessories, which Microsoft overcharges for to regain the costs lost from the console. The Wi-fi accessory is $100, yet you can get one for you computer for under $20. Xbox live is $50 a month, and every other game platform is free. This strategy makes the console appear that the console is a cheap buy, but you end up spending much more money in the long run than the other two consoles.

By rushing the console out to the market so quickly to beat out the competition, they ended up launching a very faulty product with a failure rate in the 30%-50% range. Ultimately this lead to more console sales, as people already have a ton of accessories and games for the system, they send it in, and it breaks shortly later, and this continues until they buy a new console, this yields more money for Microsoft, and more console sales than they should have, making them look good against the competition. Because of the fact that accessories cost so much, and people already have a game library, they don’t switch to another console, they simply buy a new one.

This strategy is also used with games, and is the reason Microsoft has not fixed the circle scratch problem. People buy a game, love it, and then bump their console scratching the disk. They then shrug, and go out buying a new game simply because they want to play it some more, yielding higher sales for games on the system.

In short the reason Microsoft refuses to fix these problems with their console is its unfortunately helping them in the long run, thanks to failures being so high they end up getting higher game and console sales than they should thanks to the stupidity of most people. The even more sad part is if the competition were to have this problem people should frown apon it, where as while the xbox has these problems, people laugh and say “Another read ring, time to buy another console!”.

Check back soon where i analyze Sony and Nintendo’s strategies in the current console generation.

Analysis of Firmware 3.21

31 03 2010

Firmware update 3.21 for the PS3 is coming out tomorrow, and its not adding anything new. For people wondering what this is all about, it removed the other os feature from the fat PS3’s, which in short means no more Linux.

Why is Sony doing this?

Sony is simply doing it to prevent the possibility of Piracy in the future. Hackers have proven that through Linux on the PS3 it is possible that custom firmware could be created, opening up piracy on the PS3. Removing this feature is the only Fail-safe.

Why not just patch it?

The problem with patching something like this would require a hardware fix, which is not possible over the internet. The hack is done by literally tweaking and poking the PS3 hardware to be done, so the only fix would be to remove Linux.

What this means for the Gamer:

This update feels pointless, but almost all the people that use their PS3 as a game platform will opt in to do it simply for access to PSN. A large majority of the people who own a PS3 do not use this feature and those who do rarely use the operating system as its slow and clunky and hard to setup. Once it gets going its ok, but the time and effort it takes to get linux on the PS3 is too much for the average user.

What this means for the few who use Linux on their PS3:

Those that use Linux on heir ps3 have a touch choice, to keep Linux and not update, or to update, losing their Linux partition, and gaining back PSN. This group is going to be the most effected by this update, however it is sch a small user base of the PS3 that Sony would rather do the update and prevent piracy and save money in the long run.

What this means for the PS3 Data Farms:

There are a few companies using several PS3’s connected together to calculate data, such as the Air force. This update means very little to those people as they dont need PSN features as their PS3’s boot directly into Linux.

Could this open up to the removal of more features?:

This does not mean that Sony will remove more features from the PS3 in the future, it only proves they can if they want too. It is highly unlikely that Sony would remove any more features from the PS3 as this is the only feature with a major security hole. Sony is a very smart company, and they don’t want a record of removing features on their name, so this is probably the last time you will see something like this.

What about April Fools?

A April fools joke at this scale is highly unlikely, however is still possible. I wouldn’t say it cant happen, but it probably wont.

One week later:

One week from now we will all forget about this and stop complaining and go back to playing the best game console ever created.


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Update: For those saying that Sony keeps taking away features, such as Backwards Compatibly,  and SACD, you need to realize how much sony has added to the PS3.

Features added to the PS3 after launch:



-3D themes


-Flash Support

-In game XMB

-new playstation store

-Custom avatars

-Photo gallery


-Faster XMB

-Facebook integration

-Cross game invite support

-In game soundtrack support

-And many more.

Features taken away from the PS3 after launch.



-Backwards compatibility

-Card reader and USB slots

The Problem with Kids and Gaming

18 03 2010

I’m going to start this and flat out say it, children under the age of 14 should not be playing Rated M games. Now that I got that off my back, I can start my little rant. I have meet several kids in my gaming experience, and almost every time they were the worst people to play with. Teenagers are better than children with parents that don’t care.

90% of the children on M rated games are foul, disgusting, perverted, vulgar little know-nothing assholes who think they are the greatest person to ever play that game. If you do anything wrong they curse at you with their little high pitched voices and on top of that, when you do win, they’re really, really sore losers.

Now Stick and Stones MAY break my bones.. but, word can never harm me. I am not easily offended. They can be the foulest mouthed things in the world… It’s just words. I could care less… let them sling bigotry and hatred. What does it really do?

It doesn’t really do much to me. But still, having some snot-nosed little punk whose testicles haven’t even dropped scream obscenities and racial/homophobic slurs at me isn’t exactly my ideal way to spend an evening. I wear headphones when I game because of this because I dont want my family to hear this while I try to enjoy the game working as a team with my teammates. PC gaming tends to draw an older crowd, and what kids are there are mostly more respectful. I have 2 friends on my Psn friend list that are kids and are cool, and I have at least 10 on World of Warcraft.

Kids on E and T games are usually fine, but bring them into an M game, and they become the biggest assholes ever born, and don’t even get my started about Xbox Live…


Macbook Vs Inspiron 13

17 03 2010

Apple’s Macbook (2.26) Vs Dell’s Inspiron 13

The Apple Macbook Prices out at a smooth $1000, but what does it come with? It delivers a 2.26Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB DDR3 Ram, 250Gb HD, Nvidia Integrated 9400 and a 7 hour battery life. The port configuration is Power, GB ethernet, Display Port, 2 USB and a single port Sound input and output. All housed in a White polycarbonate unibody structure. Single button mouse with Multi Touch.

The Dell Inspirion runs a $924 price tag. Equipped with a 2.1Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB DDR2 Ram, 250GB HD, Intel’s own Integrated X3100 series graphics card, Bluetooth 2.1, Intel Integrated Wireless N wifi, Windows Home Premium, and an unknown battery life. Port config is Power, VGA, Ethernet (Unknown Cap) 1 USB and 1 Firewire on the left side. The right side has another USB port and an Express 34 card slot. The front offers a SD card slot and an Audio input and an Audio output port.

For processor comparison, the Macbook only comes in 1 configuration, 2.26 or nothing. The closest Dell came with was a 2.1 or a 2.4. The 2.4 upgrade cost an extra $50. If that was applied, the price would be $974. With the upgrade, the Dell wins, but without, the Macbook wins, its a draw.

Memory: The Macbook wins hands down. While the Dell’s DDR2 isn’t shabby, the difference between DDR2 and DD3 is very noticeable. Apple is the winner.

Graphics Card. Apple’s Macbook is the winner. With programs moving torward GPU acceleration, the graphics card is becoming more and more important. The Nvidia 9400 blows away the X3100 in all benchmarks.

Ports: Both have 2 USB ports, an Ethernet Jack and that ends the similarity. The Magsafe adaptor is a win for Apple. As well as there integration of display port. While it requires a separate adaptor, it allows you to run a 2560 x 1600 display, unlike Dell’s VGA interface. Dell’s integration of a SD card slot, Firewire, Express 34 is a win for Dell. I’m personally torn for the audio jack. While its good Dell put them on 2 separate ports, they put them in front of the computer, making lap working much more difficult. I Have to say Apple wins for the Audio jack, but its a personal preference. Dell wins this category though because it have more features then the Macbook.

Overall: Its a Tie. If you like Ports and a slightly better processor, the Dell is for you. If you prefer having better overall performance, the Macbook is for you. $924 (or $974 for the 2.4Ghz Upgrade) Vs the $1000 Macbook. No Apple Tax here.


Lack of Juggernaut kills the balance of MW2

17 03 2010

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This is going to be a simple and straightforward blog post. Simply put, removing juggernaut from the game kills the balance of the red perk slot, because everyone has stopping power now, as it has no counter.

You see, when juggernaut was in the game it basically worked as the anti-perk to stopping power, canceling it out, that made it to where more people used that perk slot for Slight of Hand, Double Tap, and Overkill. The current situation leaves stopping power at the top, and almost everyone uses it.

I have always disagreed with the perk Stopping Power since the 4th game, now that Juggernaut is not there to counter it, it’s even worse. A simple fix would to be to add juggernaut back into the game. Knowing Infinity Ward, they wont fix this problem.