Meet The Writers


Hi I’m J.D. but most people know me as Jidery on the inter-webs.

I am currently the Admin and Editor of Tech Hall.

I have a lot of previous writing and editing experience. I used to be an editor with the Gavilan press and love writing for fun, that is why i created this blog. I want a way to express my opinion and show the world what i think about gaming. I am willing to let anyone express their opinions too as long as you can write at-least at the 7th grade level.

People commonly know me by this little South Park character i created.

South park character "Jidery"


Hey guys! Everyone refers to me as Onekill, Fourkill, That kid, etc, but I will stick with Fourkill for here. Currently enrolled in school and co-owner of a business and still find time to serve justice in the world. I use a Mac Pro daily,  and love the comparisons between software and hardware, so my topics will mostly stick to those subjects. I don’t do any school sports, but I do paintball and wake-boarding. Also in the process of getting my Private Pilots License. I’m a huge grammar fanatic and love writing (but hate reading) and will generally reply, as posted by others, if you have a decent vocabulary.


What’s up.  To my associates, I’m known as Ryan, though when I worked with JD here on the Gavilan Press I was given the nickname “Parker” (won’t go into details).  Since then, the nickname stuck and I generally use it for my internet names.

When it comes to things such as tech and video games, I am generally very unbiased except when Apple products are concerned.  I will always view any Apple product as pointless and Steve Jobs is often the butt of many of my jokes.  But with anything else, you can count on me to give deep and unbiased analysis of just about anything and will always answer questions in the comments, so long as they are real.

As fitting for my name, I’ll use this here picture (yes, I do actually look a bit like this).

I am NOT fired...


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