GT5 is not a racing simulator

16 12 2010

I want to make it clear, I am a long time GT fan, and have been following the series since the PS1 days when it first came out. I have bought every single GT game, and GT5 is by far my favorite of the 7 I own. I feel extra close to the GT series because I myself am a race car driver, however only manage to race on my free time. I also wish to make it clear I do not want to start an argument, but am simply stating my opinion on the series, particularly on GT5, and how it has made some claims I don’t feel it lives up too.

Many have claimed that GT5 is the most realistic driving simulator available, which I would have to greatly disagree, and I have a few reasons behind this, mostly relating to the experience beyond getting the fastest lap time, which is only 10% of what real racing involves.

First off, when I am racing in real life, people do not ram into my car when I spin out on a straight away. I am not simply talking about me spinning out right in front of them, as that’s understandable, but when a driver has had 10+ seconds to avoid me, yet still hits me, something’s wrong. Even a female Asian driver can do that.

Now I understand that the AI does improve, however even after level 20 they still made the same moves, just less often. Now, why would the AI be so stupid at the beginning? This is a very poor design decision that PD needs to look into. Made the AI get slower lap times, but don’t make them stupid.

Next I would like to bring up damage, which simple sucks in GT5. Now I understand, some cars have better damage modeling than others, but when you’re going to call a game simulator, I expect my car to be totaled after going 250mph into a wall. If not totaled, at least squish the front end more than the little dents and nicks I see.

Speaking of going really fast, sense when could the Veyron go 270+ mph? This is something I thought GT had right, the feeling of the cars and the cars matching their real life counterparts, but I was sadly wrong. The actual top speed of the Veyron is 253.81 mph, yet I easily got mine going 272, and could have gone higher if I tried.

When it comes to passing, crashing, and more, you start to realize that GT5 is not a simulator, and has made many changes to simply be more fun, which who said that was a bad thing? Just stop calling it the definitive racing simulator; because it’s not, it’s a game. Now go and have fun, and if you want the true simulator, go outside.




3 responses

16 12 2010

GT5 is undefinitive simulator but highly upsetting

17 12 2010
hi dude

You sir are a MAD man. Get Lost looser . . .

18 12 2010
solid snake

Gran turismo 5 is most certainly a race simulator & by far the best one out there no question about it.

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