PS3 outsells 360 for three straight years worldwide

16 07 2010

Really, do we need an article like this every month? I am getting tired of seeing “Xbox outsells PS3 this month in the US.”  How ignorant can people get, assuming that the united states is all that matters in the gaming market. As an American, i am ashamed that people are so ignorant to assume that US sales are all that matter.

Anyway, back to what i originally was talking about. Year over year the PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 worldwide, since launch. When will you people get that the Xbox rarely outsells the PS3 world wide? Year by year growth, which is the large scale scheme of things, has shown that the PS3 has outsold the 360, and continues to do so. In short, if the PS3 launched at the same time as the Xbox, Playstation would have a 5 million lead, like the Xbox has right now. Sony is clearly doing something right.

Obviously fanboys are going to go out and cite weekly, or monthly sales, claiming that x out sold y, but when you look at the large scale, the big picture, there is a clear winner to who is selling more.




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16 07 2010

Good Point but I don’t agree with the intention of your article. The only way to make this competitive nature of fanboys to die is by not talking about monthly/yearly sales and making them out to be more than they are. The majority of people who read this articles are hardcore gamers. What we ‘should’ care about is the quality of games produced for the consoles rather than the amount of hardware sold. And I do not feel that sales and quality of games. Especially since the number of casual games out number the hardcore gamers.

16 07 2010

god awful peice.

The 360 outsold the PS3 in 2005, 2006,2007 and 2008, the PS3 outsold the 360 in 2009, the PS3 is currently outselling the 360 in 2010.

You can’t warp time to fit your argument.

Oh, just an FYI, since the PS3 launched in 2006. It’s sold around 300k more than 360. In the same time frame.

16 07 2010
solid snake

What comes around goes around that is all!

16 07 2010

Wow Sam, you fail at math…

Wow… everything you mentioned is just completely wrong.


Microsoft called, it wants its dick back. Check your mouth Sam.

16 07 2010

“The 360 outsold the PS3 in 2005, 2006,2007 and 2008”

This is what Sam’s brain sounds like: Derp… duh… derp.

PS3 released a month before 2007. Are you really comparing yearly sales of the 360 for 2005 against the PS3 (Wasn’t released), and 2006 (on the market a month)? Are you that big of an idiot?

Heck, it only went on sale in March of 2007 in Europe and end of 2007 in other regions… again, you can’t compare worldwide sales when a console isn’t released worldwide… shocking? not really, you are just an idiot Sam. The PS3 was already managing to beat the 360 in 2007, despite not being released worldwide. Compare the territories, it’s easy math Sam… at least for anyone who isn’t retarded… you might need an adult to help you Sam.

And the 360 most certainly did not come close to competing with the PS3 in 2008, 2009, or 2010… you sir are an idiot.

16 07 2010

Ya are all idiots. Debating over sales and all. Pick up the controllers, play your favorite games and stop whining. The PS brand isn’t king anymore and the exclusives dont sell as much as a Halo expansion but so the hell what?! Play the games and enjoy. Freaking geeks, sheesh.

16 07 2010
Sony Soldier

Desperation and madness are delicious .. keep it up!

16 07 2010


It’s called discussion, if we all just did what your doing, simply playing games with your fingers plugged into your ears I’d be still playing the Wii thinking Nintendo will one day give us games.

16 07 2010
Jonathan Leack

Bravo sir. Thank you for writing this and throwing it on N4G. I’m tired of these hillbillies making false statements. The PS3 is selling much better than the 360 and that’s that.

16 07 2010

Man, as far as I know 360 sold more than PS3 ’till 2008.
Then, from 2009, PS3 is slowly gainig ground.

But with more price cuts and a slim model much sooner.

360, despite beeing on the market one year before, is still selling strong. And in some region MUCH stronger than PS3.

Is RIDICULUS such an attempt to show PS3 as a winner.
PS3 is trailing.
PS3 will probably reach 360 userbase in the near future but will hardly gain any relevant gap on 360.

And if a little gap will be obtained, it will be at the end of the generation.

How damn can you look positively for PS3 this picture?

17 07 2010

Actually, the 360 outsold the PS3 worldwide in 2007 and 2008. The PS3 only outsold the 360 in 2009 and it outselling the 360 so far tyhis year.

17 07 2010

May I ask the source of your data? This article is poorly written, with no citations, and using phrases like “when will you people get…’

17 07 2010

I see it, that VGChartz under the graph, my bad.

17 07 2010

this article = FAIL. please, please, get you numbers and facts straight. it was only 2009.

17 07 2010

this is the most stupid article if ever read…got nothing more to say on it

17 07 2010

Bunch of xbots got butthurted with this article xD.

17 07 2010

Shitty article. You can’t even get your facts straight from the source you are using from your argument. 2009 was the first year that PS3 outsold the Xbox worldwide. And it currently has the lead in 2010. Im even a PS3 guy, but don’t give us a bad name by coming up with dumb stuff like this.

17 07 2010
Daniel Lawson

Fail… fail… fail… don’t sit here and spin numbers to make it seem like you’re speaking truth when you’re talking out the side of your mouth… there is enough bullshit around the web without you adding to it

17 07 2010


17 07 2010

I own both consoles,love games that both have to offer,but still can’t stand those arrogant a$$ xbots and microsoft in general,always throwing out npd numbers and such(us sales). I root for sony to sale more and in the end…they will ! look at worldwide people not one country. to launch a year later and only be 4.5 to 5 million behind and gaining ground fast is not bad at all.

17 07 2010
Joshua Wills

I’m currently in the process of gaining my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in college. Allow me to explain the situation of the two consoles.

The PS3 has been outselling the Xbox 360 since its launch date, yet lags behind 3-4 million consoles. How?

The Xbox 360 debuted a full year before the PS3, that’s how.

It is called acceleration of sales.
Sf = Si + a(t)

Sf= final sales
Si = initial sales
a = acceleration rate
t = time

Although the Xbox 360 currently has more market share because of its 1 year head start, the PS3 has consistently had a faster sale rate than the 360. Thus the PS3 has been outselling the Xbox 360, even though there are more Xbox 360s. Which is why publishers and retailers are turning their attention to the PS3: because that is where the market is accelerating at.

So yes, the PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 for three years straight.

17 07 2010
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19 07 2010

Rofl at the people getting mad at this article. He never mention monthly basis, only by year in total sells. L2r people, clearly the ps3 isn’t a failure

23 07 2010

The author may be a moron but he isn’t totally wrong. As from what the MBA geek explained above, PS3 has sold a lot more units when compared to XBOX 360 at the same time interval. This is all business talk, though.

An educated guess-from the current rate of acceleration- would be that PS3 should outsell the XBOX in 2010.

29 07 2010
Ricky Davis

Well, PS3 outsells xbox and that’s a fact. Is it because of advertising? or the games involved? graphics wise, both can compete I mean they have high powered graphics, both look good in the physical form and serves the purpose of enjoyment. should it vary on how much they cost?

12 09 2010
29 11 2012

The quick black wolf jumped over the lazy pet

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