Wii Sports has outsold all of Gran Turismo and Halo COMBINED

9 06 2010

The two biggest selling franchises on the Microsoft and Sony platforms have both been outsold by Nintendos new franchise Wii Sports.

Wii sports has been a huge success, selling over 63 million copies, more than any other game in history. Halo has been a chart topper also, but not nearly at the scale of Wii sports, reaching over 30 million. The Gran Turismo series has reached over 50 milion, bringing the combined sales of Gran Turismo and Halo up to 80 million.

However we are factoring in series sales, and the Wii Sports resort brings Wii sports up to 81 million sales. The Margin is small, but Nintendo’s new franchise has managed to beat out generation old best sellers by a long shot, and even when you combine the two, Wii sports resort still manages to sell more copies.




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9 06 2010

whats a wii

9 06 2010
Peter Parker

doesn’t count. Wii sports comes with the wii for free. There are more copies of it available, but it hasn’t OUTSOLD gt and halo combined.

9 06 2010

the game came free with the wii, and i don’t think anybody paid for the game. so i don’t think it outsold anything, cause to outsell something you need to make money on it. you know sell it instead of giving it away.

9 06 2010

LOL funny, that’s actually real!

@commenters: learn a little IRONY.

9 06 2010
You guys are idiots

Just because Wii sports came with a Wii doesn’t mean the game was free. It’s not a $60 value for free, the Wii is last generation technology sold for a profit. Everything combined probably cost Nintendo $100 and they are selling it for $150.

10 06 2010

The Wii reminds me of those cheap Tiger handhelds of the 80’s and 90’s. You get bored play a few minutes and you put them down after 10 minutes. In short, the Wii is impulse, and it entertains you for a few minutes. I have been gaming for over 24 years, and I am tired of playing mario and zelda. They have the same stories over and over just better graphics or look mom I can waggle the controller now. In the past, I was one of Nintendo’s biggest supporters, but I am done with Nintendo because of the trash they are developing now.

10 06 2010
Jonah Falcon

None of this matters. Everyone needs to quit spinning numbers, regardless of whether irony is involved, because people are too stupid to think about where the numbers come from. The Halo 3 vs. PS3 exclusives numbers were from NPD and thus US only. Who cares about that comparison other than stupid, egocentric, Americans? Worldwide numbers are different. Also keep in mind that the PS3 has a greater variety of games across differing genres, and PS3 owners buy a PS3 for this reason. 360 owners bought their systems to play shooters, and mainly to play Halo. And the Wii Sports comparison? Doesn’t mean anything. If Sony or Microsoft packed in a tech demo with every system it would outsell many franchise games as well. Get your heads out of your asses and just play your games.

10 06 2010

Sony has more first party studios than Microsoft and Nintendo COMBINED…. wow

15 06 2010

Best Game Ever.

18 06 2010
Wii Sports Games

One of the great game, ever!!!

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