Microsoft copies Apple with the Xbox 360S

14 06 2010

Microsoft has announced a slim Xbox 360 this morning which offers everything the old xbox had, + wifi, and a bigger hard drive, all in a slimmer package. Its also very good looking and is well worthy of a slim model, but this is not what makes me mad. Rather than calling it somthing clever, they officialy named is the Xbox 360S, which is a blatant copy of Apples recent release, The iPhone 3Gs. I have lost all hope for microsoft….


Wii Sports has outsold all of Gran Turismo and Halo COMBINED

9 06 2010

The two biggest selling franchises on the Microsoft and Sony platforms have both been outsold by Nintendos new franchise Wii Sports.

Wii sports has been a huge success, selling over 63 million copies, more than any other game in history. Halo has been a chart topper also, but not nearly at the scale of Wii sports, reaching over 30 million. The Gran Turismo series has reached over 50 milion, bringing the combined sales of Gran Turismo and Halo up to 80 million.

However we are factoring in series sales, and the Wii Sports resort brings Wii sports up to 81 million sales. The Margin is small, but Nintendo’s new franchise has managed to beat out generation old best sellers by a long shot, and even when you combine the two, Wii sports resort still manages to sell more copies.