Analysis of Firmware 3.21

31 03 2010

Firmware update 3.21 for the PS3 is coming out tomorrow, and its not adding anything new. For people wondering what this is all about, it removed the other os feature from the fat PS3’s, which in short means no more Linux.

Why is Sony doing this?

Sony is simply doing it to prevent the possibility of Piracy in the future. Hackers have proven that through Linux on the PS3 it is possible that custom firmware could be created, opening up piracy on the PS3. Removing this feature is the only Fail-safe.

Why not just patch it?

The problem with patching something like this would require a hardware fix, which is not possible over the internet. The hack is done by literally tweaking and poking the PS3 hardware to be done, so the only fix would be to remove Linux.

What this means for the Gamer:

This update feels pointless, but almost all the people that use their PS3 as a game platform will opt in to do it simply for access to PSN. A large majority of the people who own a PS3 do not use this feature and those who do rarely use the operating system as its slow and clunky and hard to setup. Once it gets going its ok, but the time and effort it takes to get linux on the PS3 is too much for the average user.

What this means for the few who use Linux on their PS3:

Those that use Linux on heir ps3 have a touch choice, to keep Linux and not update, or to update, losing their Linux partition, and gaining back PSN. This group is going to be the most effected by this update, however it is sch a small user base of the PS3 that Sony would rather do the update and prevent piracy and save money in the long run.

What this means for the PS3 Data Farms:

There are a few companies using several PS3’s connected together to calculate data, such as the Air force. This update means very little to those people as they dont need PSN features as their PS3’s boot directly into Linux.

Could this open up to the removal of more features?:

This does not mean that Sony will remove more features from the PS3 in the future, it only proves they can if they want too. It is highly unlikely that Sony would remove any more features from the PS3 as this is the only feature with a major security hole. Sony is a very smart company, and they don’t want a record of removing features on their name, so this is probably the last time you will see something like this.

What about April Fools?

A April fools joke at this scale is highly unlikely, however is still possible. I wouldn’t say it cant happen, but it probably wont.

One week later:

One week from now we will all forget about this and stop complaining and go back to playing the best game console ever created.


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Update: For those saying that Sony keeps taking away features, such as Backwards Compatibly,  and SACD, you need to realize how much sony has added to the PS3.

Features added to the PS3 after launch:



-3D themes


-Flash Support

-In game XMB

-new playstation store

-Custom avatars

-Photo gallery


-Faster XMB

-Facebook integration

-Cross game invite support

-In game soundtrack support

-And many more.

Features taken away from the PS3 after launch.



-Backwards compatibility

-Card reader and USB slots




14 responses

31 03 2010

When was the last time Sony formally announced an incoming FW update days before with nothing else added to the system? 1 firmware update, 1 minus existing feature!? That would make it even more likely to be an April Fools! 😉

31 03 2010

They did it so early so people using linux had time to be informed of this and come to a decision.

31 03 2010

I think that it is an April fools joke because, unless I missed it, they haven’t come out with 3.20
So unless 3.20 is currently optional then I doubt 3.21 is real.

31 03 2010

You’re forgetting that Sony has already removed 1 HDMI port, 1 Ethernet port, 2 USB ports (all from original design showing at E32005), 2 More USB ports, Card Reader Slots, SACD Support, and PS2 Backwards Compatibility.

Saying it’s unlikely that Sony will remove something else at this point is about as believable as saying the Sun might not rise tomorrow.

31 03 2010

I think something worth noting is
: wouldn’t removing a feature like other os also free up memory in the firmware? meaning more room for stuff that the masses might use like cross game chat.

31 03 2010

what the hell is in game soundtrack support?

is it real?

31 03 2010

Game soundtrack support??? Did I miss something?
Anyway, One week later FTW ! Hell, how I love my 60gig PS3 ❤

31 03 2010

@ Mutated_Elf_Thingy…. When they showed the PS3 at E3 2005 that was a concept so you don”t know what your talking about you f-ing troll.

31 03 2010

seriously you have NO idea wtf you are talking about!

If hackers could pirate games through linux, how come they haven’t done so since 2006?
Yes it can be done through linux, but no one had cracked the ps3’s hardware yet.

Recently a teenage hacker cracked the ps3’s system. This will give advantage to hackers so they can hack the software and allow pirated games.

The reason why O.S Install was removed from PS3 SLime is because Sony feel that not many users will use the O.S despite the need of mouse+keyboard.
2006-2009 ps3 users. Only 35% out of 100 uses the O.S system.
I would use the O.S, but I don’t know how to work linux!

31 03 2010
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[…] Analysis of Firmware 3.21 Firmware update 3.21 for the PS3 is coming out tomorrow, and its not adding anything new. For people wondering what […] […]

31 03 2010

i have to disagree about “custom avatars” maybe you mean premium avatars custom avatars would be allowing us to put one of our photos as our avatars

31 03 2010

apology for being so caustic, but $ony have really, really, REALLY! pissed me off with this.
i use linux on my ps3 every day to do my OS2 assignments and homework since my lappy does not agree with linux.

im taking my 60GB back to sony style where i bought it and demanding a refund, and if they refuse its off to the courts we go!
i rang them today and gave them a ear full, what help that was!
last time i checked it is illegal to advertise and sell a product with a particular feature than remove it!
i thought that was false advertising!
i thought that was illegal, o, yeah, sorry its $ony were talking about, sorry i forgot their above the law!
whats next?
removing WIFI!

1 04 2010
Steven H. Taylor


You’re mixing up two completely different things:

Sony has not removed SACD or PS2 compatibility from any PS3 unit, it has merely introduced new models at significantly lower price points without these featurres (which involved dedicated hardware and consequently did not come for free). Everyone who bought a PS3 with SACD and PS2 compatibility still has these functions, unless they exchanged their console for a newer one.

This is very different from the removal of a feature in the installed base by means of a software ‘update’ as they’re now planning to do with the Other OS option.

2 04 2010

If you have been affected by this file a complaint to the BBB and the FTC and your corresponding Attorney General.

It is very easy and completely online forms. Just go to the respective websites

www. bbb .org / us / — click on file a complaint

www. ftccomplaintassistant .gov — click on complaint assistant

NOTE: Delete the spaces in the URL’s above

Here is the address for SCEA
Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
919 E Hillsdale Blvd 2nd Floor
Foster City Ca 94404-4247

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