The Problem with Kids and Gaming

18 03 2010

I’m going to start this and flat out say it, children under the age of 14 should not be playing Rated M games. Now that I got that off my back, I can start my little rant. I have meet several kids in my gaming experience, and almost every time they were the worst people to play with. Teenagers are better than children with parents that don’t care.

90% of the children on M rated games are foul, disgusting, perverted, vulgar little know-nothing assholes who think they are the greatest person to ever play that game. If you do anything wrong they curse at you with their little high pitched voices and on top of that, when you do win, they’re really, really sore losers.

Now Stick and Stones MAY break my bones.. but, word can never harm me. I am not easily offended. They can be the foulest mouthed things in the world… It’s just words. I could care less… let them sling bigotry and hatred. What does it really do?

It doesn’t really do much to me. But still, having some snot-nosed little punk whose testicles haven’t even dropped scream obscenities and racial/homophobic slurs at me isn’t exactly my ideal way to spend an evening. I wear headphones when I game because of this because I dont want my family to hear this while I try to enjoy the game working as a team with my teammates. PC gaming tends to draw an older crowd, and what kids are there are mostly more respectful. I have 2 friends on my Psn friend list that are kids and are cool, and I have at least 10 on World of Warcraft.

Kids on E and T games are usually fine, but bring them into an M game, and they become the biggest assholes ever born, and don’t even get my started about Xbox Live…





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