Lack of Juggernaut kills the balance of MW2

17 03 2010

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This is going to be a simple and straightforward blog post. Simply put, removing juggernaut from the game kills the balance of the red perk slot, because everyone has stopping power now, as it has no counter.

You see, when juggernaut was in the game it basically worked as the anti-perk to stopping power, canceling it out, that made it to where more people used that perk slot for Slight of Hand, Double Tap, and Overkill. The current situation leaves stopping power at the top, and almost everyone uses it.

I have always disagreed with the perk Stopping Power since the 4th game, now that Juggernaut is not there to counter it, it’s even worse. A simple fix would to be to add juggernaut back into the game. Knowing Infinity Ward, they wont fix this problem.





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