The Xbox 360 is more expensive than the PS3

15 03 2010

Not too long ago you had to shell out $700-$800 for a PS3, and I was one of those who did it, seeing it as a great value and totally worth the price. 4 years later, the PS3 is now on par with the other consoles in terms of price, at $299 for the base model. While the PS3 has the highest price tag out of all the consoles, it is still a much better value for your cash than the Xbox 360, and will save you much more money in the long run.

Wi-fi: For those with Wi-fi in their homes, which is just about anyone with a laptop will know how much more convenient it is than cables, and with Wi-fi speeds being more than enough for gaming, there is no reason not to use it. Wi-fi is standard on all PS3 models, where as for the Xbox 360, it is going to cost you roughly $100.

Hard drive: In terms of price per gig, the ps3 dominated with the ability of have any 2.5inch laptop hard drive, where as microsoft forces you to buy their own. Microsoft wants $130 for a 120gb hard drive, which is roughly $1.08 per gig. Where as you can get a 500gb hard drive for your PS3, for only $70. That also equated to roughly 14 cents per gig.

Headset: The Xbox’s cheapest Headset, for $20 gets you a wired headset with a mic, and you can get the wireless for $60. The PS3’s wireless headset is $50, and you can use any old Blue-tooth headset from your phone with it. Blue-tooth headsets start at $10, and are also wireless.

Power usage: The Xbox 360 uses 186 wats while playing games, and the PS3 slim uses roughly 120 wats of power, while in the long run this make a difference, it may not be noticable, but the PS3 is still uses much less power, thus costing less money.

Network: This is a very easy place to cover, as PSN is free, and Xbox Live costs $50 per year.

In conclusion, with a PS3 you pay $299 for almost everything the console can do, then you pay $10 for a blue-tooth headset, and upgrade the hard drive to 500gb and you get a console priced at $379.

For the Xbox 360 you pay $299 for a console, add $100 for the Wi-fi, added. Pay $20 for a headset, or $50 for a wireless headset, then pay $50 a year for life. The Xbox ends up costing you $469 (With out wireless headset) or $509 (With wireless headset) and $50 a year you own the console.

The PS3 is over $100 cheaper than the Xbox, and also saves you the need to buy a blue-ray player (Which I chose not to factor in).




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15 03 2010

Where do you people come from? I’ve had my Xbox 360 for over 3 years now and the only thing aside from Xbox Live (which I prefer over PSN on my PS3 anyways) is a play and charge kit for $25. I didn’t have to buy a bigger hard drive because I don’t have to do mandatory install games. I also never had to buy wi-fi because I don’t need it nor want it. My PS3 is also hard wired.

So stop trying to make it seem like everyone needs to buy this and that because it’s not true. Wait until the Playstation Move comes out and how much that’s going to cost for 2 players.

15 03 2010

true, true

15 03 2010

wow what a site! You can clearly tell theres no bias involved! Retards.

15 03 2010

Best article ever! So true!

15 03 2010

also tests by mtv multiplayer i think it was show the ps3 is faster online(doanloading and getting connected and stuff)also you get a web-browser, home, vidzone, a great phot gallery feature, and also unlimited accounts. you cant get any of that for 360 except the other accounts,but you will have to fork over $50 early for each one.and the rrod i think has risen to almost 50% for x360,and ylod has gone up to i think 10% for ps3,obvious choice to choose a system to most likely NOT fail is ps3

15 03 2010
psn screwedup

x box = broke n no games 2 play PS3 DOES EVERYTHING

15 03 2010

gay ass site

15 03 2010

Let’s see…

Paid for my Xbox 360 – $299.99
It came with a headset – $0.00
Hooked it up via ethernet – $0.00
Got Live Gold on sale – $30
Came with two games – ($40 savings at a minimum)

In conclusion, you sir are an idiot. No where in your rambling incoherent response did you come close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. We are all dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

16 03 2010

You forgot one cost. The cost to replace your xbox every year or two when it red rings and breaks. I know our house has bought 4 xbox 360’s, yet only 1 PS3.

16 03 2010
alex c

to the people who think ps3 is expensive

LAST YEAR i got, ps3, 2 games batman dark knight blu-ray and a free hdmi cable

299.99 uk price.

399.99 dollars, still shit hot by todays standards.

and i collected points on all that …yeeeeeh sweeeet.

299.99 dollars for an upscaling dvd/networked bluray player is still good by your usa prices…and the fact it plays games is a bonus

16 03 2010
alex c

the fact it plays good games …..welll…….just look at uncharted 2, infamous, GOD OF WAR…


Motorstorm 3
Twisted Metal 4
Ace combat 7
The mark of kri
Uncharted 3
Resistance 3
Killzone 3
God of war 3
Gran turismo 5
Grand theft auto 5
syphon filter 5
The last guardian
infamous 2

coming soon….

whats xbox got coming soon..lemme hear your lis of 3 games…com’on…whrere is it

16 03 2010
alex c

HEAVY RAIN, has just passed a million in sales…… right about now…

17 03 2010

the article is too damn long. Just writing that PSN service is free is already enough to justify the fact that the 360 is more expensive than the PS3

17 12 2010
Bill C

who cares if the xbox gets a red ring. if it happens every year its always covered by insurance not to mention they fixed that problem with the new xbox. did anyone remember to state the fact that the ps3 can get a virus just like your computer that you cant just send in to get fixed along with the fact that you cant recover your account after this happens so all your work went down the drain.

4 01 2011

Ah Scott, you make me laugh… so you’re basically saying you pay nothing for the internet? I’m guessing you live with your parents where they pay for everything… also on the long run, you do have to pay for your membership each year which will eventually cost more than the PS3.

I have both played on Xbox (which unfortuatly died and getting it fixed was a right hassle!) and PS3, but my personal preference is the PS3 for its simplicity and reliability.

I’m not wanting to convert anyone to PS3… I’d rather have Xbox players stay on Xbox, thanks.

20 11 2011

i like all the gigs cuz i download movies and shit, and i have more room to buy a game online and download it to the system so i don’t need to remember game discs when ever i go somewhere

13 12 2012

Ok so i read this shit and its total bull.
Who cares about how much more you pay.
Your makin it seem like we have to buy the ps3.
And the wifi is good but wat a dumbass saying that wifi is better than hard wiring.
Its watever platform you perfer.
I use to be a big ps2 fan.
I got the ps3 and it sucks ass.
The controller for the ps3 is wack the L2 and R2 break so easily.
And another thing the ps3 gameplay sucks it only runs at 30 fps while the xbox 360 runs at 60 fps.
I play madden all the time and playing it for xbox 360 plays way smoother than the ps3.
I gotta say xbox 360 is better. And thats coming from someone who use to think Sony was better.

Xbox 360 all the way fuck ps3.

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