8001050F to affect PS3 BFBC2 Sales

1 03 2010

I know its been a long time since I posted something on my personal blog, but I wanted everyone to know this as I have not seen anyone else report on this major problem. Almost every owner of a PS3 that came out before the slim, are experiencing a major error “8001050F” that prevents the PS3 from accessing PSN and playing games offline. Most people are speculating that this is caused by a glitch in the system clock.

That is not the major problem that Sony has to worry about, the real issue is a major multi-platform title is coming out tonight. Battlefield Bad Co. 2 will be releasing at midnight, and many people are possibly going to chose to get the Xbox version, or not buy it at all because their PS3’s dont work at the moment.

This is a major issue for both Dice and Sony, as it will hurt the sales of BFBC2 on the PS3 version. While many people who own both consoles will get the Xbox version, PS3 only users may chose to skip it all together. Sony has to worry about this problem because there is many PS3 users expected to buy it, however those massive numbers may not be nearly what they were expecting thanks to this error. As it stands now, it does not look like the PS3 will be fixed tomorrow, and we are going to have to wait for an emergency firmware update.




2 responses

1 03 2010
alex c

itl b bak on tomorow, i heard microsofts zune has the same problem, or did a month ago or something

which 1. i dont uderstand cos a leap month is only in febuary
and 2. the zune hd only came out a few months ago

oh…actually…there were other zunes before the hd.

sill, apparently it all comes back tomorrow after 12 gmt which is 4 and a half hours away. lets wait and see. shouldnt be too bad anyway….

1 03 2010
alex c

its to do with the leap year or leap month, havnt you heard….its all back on for tmorrow.

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