Why exclusives are better than multiplatforms.

25 11 2009

Most people prefer exclusive games over multiplat games, but why? Here are my reasons.


I love dedicated servers, and hate hosts. What is one thing almost all ps3 games have? Dedicated servers! where as multiplats, almost all of them use host systems, and usualy face technical problems. It is rare that i will D/C in killzone 2 resistance 2, or even magBut in call of duty MW2 i usualy face 1-3 a day! IT IS ANOYING


The PS3 main triggers are R1 & L1  and R2 & L2 as secondary
So i hate it when the developers of games make it to where L2 and R2 are primary fire, because the controler is not made that way. They need to be changed to where L2 and R2 are always secondary. Call of duty is one game that got this right.


The Xbox’s problems are the D pad, when Xbox games use the D-pad a lot, it ruins the experiance because it is not a fun D-pad to use.


I am not talking about photorealism here! Im talkng about graphical problems like texture popin! The thing is, i dont care if the game looks amazing, as long as it runs smooth and has little to no popin! Most ps3 exclusives dont have this, but a lot of multis do! Some great examples i see this a lot in is COD: MW2, Borderlands, GTA4, and more.

Burnout and battlefield got this right! Great games, no pop-in objects and textures.

Slow XMB:

I’m sorry, but this is simple. The XMB runs better in game on exclusive games. Nuf said.




One response

25 11 2009

i pretty much completly agree with you<mw2 is just an ok game but there is terrible lag and yes there is pop-ups and i have a good connection.i dont have any lag with kz2 or r2 even though they have more players in a match.(but more people play mw2 of course)mw2was a total let down it had one of the worst campaigns out there and online was just ok it just had a lot to it.coop is ok but only 2 players and isnt the greatest

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