Hey PS3, Infinity Ward still hates you

18 10 2009

Infinity Ward has proven that they can make great games, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is no exception, however Infinity Ward still continues to show that they do not like the PS3. Here are a few reasons why.

-Still no update for COD 4: The PS3 version of Call of Duty 4 never received an update for trophies and rumble. While trophies is a much more complicated thing, we could have at least expected some rumble support. Most PS3 gamers have the dual shock 3 by now and htis is one of the few games that hasen’t been updated for it.

-Inferior PS3 version of MW: Modern Warfare on the PS3 was inferior to the Xbox in a few ways, featuring major frame rate problems, mostly when playing on split screen.

-Xbox Exclusive DLC: The Xbox 360 is getting its MW2 DLC a few weeks before the PS3, while PS3 owners probably wont have to wait a long time for it, we still will get it last, probably around the same time as the PC.

-Xbox shown in game-play videos: On all the game play videos they have shown i have never seen a working PS3 build. All trailers and videos were filmed usingĀ  the Xbox 360 controls and buttons.

-Xbox logo on the trailer: The infamy trailer for Modern Warfare 2 was by no doubt amazing, except the ending, advertising only the Xbox 360. You can view the trailer below.

Well at least PS3 still has Treyarch. They provided many updates, and our DLC at the same time as the Xbox and fixed most of the major PS3 problems.