Why you should not buy a Wii

25 09 2009


Hello people, as a way to re-launch the blog I am putting together a short series, Why you shouldn’t buy a (insert game, console, or accessory here) This will be a post that happens every other day, with the first few days being every day, I am kicking off the series with the Wii.

So here is why you should not buy a Wii


Games: Lets face it, the Wii started off great with lots of fun games that people loved because they were a fresh take on gaming but now they are getting old and boring. Most games that come out for the Wii are just a bunch of mini games that have you do random things such as bake a cake or hit a baseball. While fun at first these games get boring and old very fast. The few AAA games that come out on the Wii are not abundant enough to justify the $250 price tag it currently has.


Control: The console is motion only, except if you have a game cube controller. Assuming you bought the Wii for the motion controls then you are likely not going to be using the GC controller. The motion controls can feel limiting and inaccurate at times. The controls also limit the Wii on what type of games it can feature, with good FPS games being very rare. This also applies for racing games and role playing games.


 Online play: The Wii lacks a strong online system. With almost no way to get connected with your friends on the few games that support the Wii network. Connecting with your friends is very tough, if not impossible.


Graphics: From a graphical stand point, the Wii is way behind the competition. The Wii is lacking in HD support and the strong processor and graphics card in the current systems. This prevents games from outputting “photo realistic” graphics that match the current expectations of the modern gamer.


There you have it, why you should not buy a Wii.


Come back later tonight for the next part of the Why you should not buy series featuring the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Also be sure to check back for Why you should buy a Wii later this week.


Note: This is not a hate article, it is simply based on opinion and recommendation. We are doing this for every console and every game, if you like the ideas of the Wii then go and buy one, I never said you shouldn’t, only telling you what problems you will run into.




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