Does the PS3 really need a price cut? Part one

19 02 2009


There are many people that talk about PS3 being the most expensive console on the market, and are waiting for the price drop. While that is true, the PS3 should always remain the most expensive, for a few reasons. 

     First off PSN is Sonys free alternative to Xbox live. Its a great service that almost matches what Xbox live offers, but for free. The higher price on the PS3 is not needed, mostly because you are paying the extra money for PSN to remain free. If the PS3 was $200 then Sony would not only lose money per console sold, they would also lose a large amount of money by providing PSN for free. While PSN does draw in a lot of money from Downloadable content, and games, its not enough for Sony to actually make money off the service. 

     The second reason the PS3 should always be the most expensive console on the market is because of the features. Why should the most feature packed console be the cheapest? There is no logic to that. Now if Sony keeps removing features at the rate they are doing it, then sure drop the price, but its all not needed. The PS3 is the most powerful, feature rich, console out there right now, and honestly, you get what you pay for. 

     The PS3 at the rate is at, is almost selling as much as the Xbox at double the price, thats amazing. If you PS3 is selling as much as its competitors, then why would Sony need to lower the price, they are selling a lot, and making money off the console per each unit sold. If they are actually making money for a change (Shocker!) why would they want to lose money again? Lowering the price will up the sales, but in the end Sony will make more money by keeping the console more expensive. 

     Sony should focus more on their exclusive games, if they can add a few more to the long list of exclusive games, it will only give gamers more of a reason to buy a PS3. If people realize how great of games Sony makes, than they are more apt to buy a PS3. At the current standing, Sony needs to get themselves out of the hole they have gotten themselves into before they start thinking about a price drop. I price drop woulden’t hurt, but is far from needed.

    In part 2 we will compair the current console prices, and price cuts, with last generation console prices, and price cuts to see if we see any paterns. 




3 responses

19 02 2009

Who taught you how to spell?

22 02 2009

Sony lost this generation plain and simple. The very fact Sony said on record that they do not care about marketshare and instead of profits should make everyone realise Sony has given up on “winning” or beating MS this generation.
Why may you ask i say this?
Because the last two generations SONY NEVER EVER SAID THEY CARE FOR PROFITIBILITY OVER MARKETSHARE. Marketshare they always stressed. Now they don’t.
It’s because they know they lost.

3 03 2009

First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

Are you tension? panic?

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