Tech hall looking for writers!

18 02 2009

Tech hall is a new blog looking for dedicated writers who love everything about technology. Ranging from PC, to consoles, to even TV’s we will accept all peices of writing of any thing that has to do with tech. As a writer of tech hall you will also have many benifits. 


-Reaching out to thousands of people, spanning multiple networks. 

-Rewards for writing

-Full credit to everything you write

-and much more


If you would like to write to the world, please contact me 


Tech hall has a lot of growing room, and will soon be a major technology blog. With many features comming soon, such as our own domain name, and more.




2 responses

18 02 2009
5 reasons why killzone wont be the next halo « Tech Hall

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19 02 2009

Funny thing is I can see this as an opportunity to release my opinion to the masses but I’d probably suck at it lol

Hope you get some good writers though

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