5 reasons why killzone wont be the next halo

18 02 2009






5) Split screen

     -Halo has it, killzone 2 doesn’t. Almost any halo fan would love to go to a friends house and set up a round of halo and pwn their friends, show off their skill. Killzone 2 lacks the split screen modes, making a less of an enjoyable experience when a friend or family member wants to play with you. Most heavy hitting shooters, such as call of duty, have split screen, and killzone 2 lacks this important feature. 

4) Marketing

     -Microsoft treats halo like a new king, they make sure everyone knows that their game is comming out, and make sure everyone that has an xbox 360 goes and buys it. They target soda drinkers, web surfers, tv watchers, and even drivers. Days before the release of halo 3, you couldn’t go a day without seeing at least one halo ad. Sony isn’t doing this. They have a great game coming up, but they are not marketing it. There is no killzone 2 soda, there is no killzone 2 billboards, there isn’t even a TV ad yet. This will defenetly hurt the sales of what will be a great game. 

3) Multilayer options

     -Halo is the kind of game that people would just buy for the multilayer, it is loaded with multilayer modes and options. With modes like V.I.P and Slayer, and even a “semi” map editor with other tid-bits like editing your character. Killzone 2 lacks the ability to modify maps, and lacks a lot of game play modes that halo has. While the few maps killzone 2 has are amazing, it may never live up to what halo has to offer in terms of multiplayer. 

2) Fan base

     -Killzone 2 lacks a massive fan base from killzone 1 that halo 2 and 3 had. Killzone 1 was a mediocre FPS and didn’t score nearly as well as halo did, and it lacks a lot of the features halo did. Killzone 2 can almost be considered starting from scratch because the killzone fan base is tiny. There should be lots of new fans of the series being introduced because of this great game, but it has a lot less to start with. 

1) A less memorable main character

     -Common, sev? what kind of name is that for the main character of such an iconic game? He is your typical every day shooter character, and has no features that define him as special in any way. Now if you look at halo, the main character, “Master chief” is an iconic character, heck he is even on the cover of almost all the halo games. When you think halo you think master chief, when i think killzone 2, i think Helghast.


Killzone 2 will be a major hit, but will it even live up to the expectations of halo?



Edit: A lot of people are calling me a Xbox fanboy, because i am bashing Killzone 2, while it could be seen as bashing, it really isn’t. I am just stating the obvious, and the main reasons why Killzone 2 will not be as huge as Halo. No where do i say Killzone 2 is a bad game, or that it will flop. I own a PS3 and i am buying Killzone 2.


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65 responses

18 02 2009

Why does KZ2 need to be the next Halo?

It’ll be an awesome FPS. That’s all it needs to do.

18 02 2009

Hate to break it to you, but Halo hasn’t been the shooter to beat for a while now.. it was a great game (specifically Halo 2), but it just lost attraction over time, not enough new in the MP from H2 to keep me into it.

Will KZ2 be the next Halo? No. Will it be better than Halo (MP wise)? Yes. I’ve played it, its the best online multiplayer FPS this generation, in my honest opinion.

Only thing I agree with you in this “article” is the lack of a memorable icon character, other than the Helghast.

Great article for hits, but your reasons are pretty flawed in many ways.

But again, your probably getting tons of hits for this blog, dont be desperate.

18 02 2009

Halo didnt have expectations, it was just a VERY hyped game with pretty good MP and a fanbase consisting of noobs and fanboys. Halo1 was good , Halo2 was ok although I really liked the new idea of duel weapons and Halo3 was just too far. They (MS) should have quit while they were ahead. You see MIcrosoft has Mastachief ‘n’ that dude from Gears, but sony has: Jak, Rathet,Snake, GodofWar,Nate. Sony is where the AAA titles are at , yeah this is WAY off topic but its true so Idont need a halo killer or whatev

18 02 2009

lol ! Killzone2 is the best fps console game in this Generation and i dont know why that bitcing people say : Halo3 Vs Killzone2 !!!

18 02 2009

so, sir, what do you think of when you think COD? No Iconic characters there, but ti still posts numbers year round that ultimately stomp Halo.

18 02 2009


18 02 2009

I’m sorry, but these are terrible reasons.

No one buys halo for master chief… They buy it because all their friends have it… Your over analyzing everything.

18 02 2009

Split screen is an “Important feature?” Lol, what? Split-Screen should be like dinosaurs by now. It’s most definitely an unimportant, relic of the past. I had a friend over to play CoD4 with me, and we decided to give split-screen a try. 5 minutes later we said “Wow, this is boring as hell” and went back to taking turns playing it online… Important feature my ass.

Halo has more multiplayer options? Yeah right. Did you even play Killzone 2? Because i did, and it has an assload of multiplayer options, and customizable features. You downplaying Killzone 2’s multiplayer in favor of Halo’s is just absurd, and shows that you must not have played Killzone 2 at all.
I’ve played both, and Halo most definitely doesn’t have more multiplayer options. At least not any that are important, useful, or matter in any way, shape, or form.

Halo games are by far the most mediocre FPS games i’ve ever played. And i’ve played them all.

Fan base? So what. Resistance didn’t have much of a fan base, but with the release of Resistance 2, it now has a huge multiplayer community. A game doesn’t need to have a huge, prior fanboy following to be extremely successful.

The only point out of the 5 that is actually valid is the marketing one. So… Congrats on a 1 out of 5. Seriously. Who lets these morons write articles like this?

18 02 2009

Am i wrong but did CoD 4 have split screen? I loved CoD 4 but have never been a fan of FPS games. I tried to pick up Halo and play online and the campaign. The experience was miserable. but I will def be picking up Killzone 2 when it comes out without having ever seen or played Killzone 1. so I would say it is reaching a fairly wide internet fan base.

but who cares about a memorable main character? and does Halo have the ranking system like Killzone 2 or CoD 4? I like building a character and earning perks, weapons, etc.. instead of just a changing number based on kills and deaths of my character.

I’ve had a Ps3 since March of 07. I can definitely skip on Gears and Halo for the wider variety on the Ps3

18 02 2009

Nice one ‘Alti’ – you pwned this dumb article. Everyone knows that Halo is overhyped, and who needs split screen when you have the pinnacle of next gen FPS gaming in full screen glorious HD graphics?

18 02 2009

You want 5 reasons? Very well.

1. KZ2 isn’t a twitch shooter.
2. KZ2 won’t have graphics that were outdated 6 months prior to launch.
3. KZ2 isn’t limited to only 16 players online.
4. KZ2 makes sure that all players in a game aren’t exactly the same.
5. KZ2 doesn’t have consistently moronic AI teammates in single player mode.

How’d I do?

18 02 2009

Killzone 2 doesnt have to be a Halo killer, COD 4 achieved that, Killzone 2 will be great simple as that.

18 02 2009

Halo What?

18 02 2009

I give you the split screen point, however, why is it always about being the next Halo. Halo is a good FPS, but there are many FPS that surpassed it by now and clearly KZ2 has already done that.

18 02 2009

halo sucks who wants to play a alien shooter game when there is kz2??? master chief is so unreal he can jump 2 meters high and 5-9 meters long who thinks it’s fun to be a green guy and kill aliens and the guns look at them and then look at kz2’s guns wich are more real?????? kz2 10/10 halo 6/10

18 02 2009

mmmmm Flamebait, lovely

18 02 2009

Why bother giving him hits…


18 02 2009

If it turns out to be anything like Halo, I’ll shoot myself.

Halo is a cartoon, always has been.

18 02 2009

The only point you have there that has some validity is that there is no split screen, all the other are far from correct.

Sony is marketing the crap out of KZ2, everywhere I look it see a picture of the Helghast. Right now Kz2 is the king in PS3

Myself and many other people have bought Kz2 for the MP. The story part of the game is just the bonus. In fact, the MP is so popular that when the beta came out which was only MP, other MP games like WH became noticeably quieter.

From a Fan Base perspective KZ does not need a prior follow, I never play KZ1 but I’ve never been more excited about a FPS before. Its not the KZ fanbase that you should be looking at but the FPS fanbase that Sony has, which is substantial.

KZ’s sell point had never been on the main character, its on everything else, details, sound, story… Sev is an everyday guy and thats what makes him so appealing, well at leased in the beginning of the game he is a regular solder but by the end he becomes a hero. You have to consider that the hero of KZ1 is now retired and so Sev has no history yet.

18 02 2009
freak murderer

Wow, nice job using spell check and changing multiplayer to multilayer 3 or 4 times.

I respect this article SO much now.

Halo sucks, COD 4 killed it, even COD WAW killed it. It is mediocre as hell. Do we even have to ask if Killzone 2 will kill it? It the first true next-gen fps on consoles, surpassing the amazing COD series, of course it will kill and rape halos family.

Who cares if killzone 2 is undermarketed, that means that only people that actually are buying the game for the right reasons will be playing online, so we won’t have to deal with what Halo and other over advertised games suffer from, RETARDS ONLINE. thanks!

18 02 2009

Your poll says differently.
Get over it.
Can’t tell the future.

18 02 2009

GODLO > all

eat it faggots

18 02 2009

Other selling points for Halo 3 are the online/offline co-op mode and the theater mode in which screenshots and movies can be shared with the *hugh* community. Not everyone uses each and every feature in the game, but different features appeal to different people.

Split screen in COD4 is boring because you can’t play online matches in splitscreen and therefore you are limited to 4 players. In Halo you can play splitscreen online and that makes the difference.
Just like you, I prefer to play COD4 online in turns with friends around. But when we play Halo 3, we go online in split-screen. This makes it much more appealing when friends are around.

18 02 2009

Its also the ability to attract casuals. Killzone is too dark and griity to be mass marketable. It will sell millions, but ten million? Not possible. Call of duty has a strong reputation of AAA quality since 2003. Killzone doesn’t have that rep. The name Killzone will automatically look generic to most casuals. The new “murder shoot game mom!”

18 02 2009

Its also the ability to attract casuals. Killzone is too dark and griity to be mass marketable. It will sell millions, but ten million? Not possible. Call of duty has a strong reputation of AAA quality since 2003. Killzone doesn’t have that rep. The name Killzone will automatically look generic to most casuals. The new “murder shoot game mom!”

18 02 2009

Fucking retarded article. I’ll give you ONE reason why KZ2 wont be the next galo, CUZ IT’S CALLED KILLZONE!! And galo is shite!! Fucking stupid article, who gives a fuck about marketing? REAL gamers who are going to buy this game know about the best games coming out for the PS3 and dont need this ‘in yr face xbot marketing’!! We dont need to be forced into buying something, unlike u lot who need to have it shoved in yr face, and told ‘BUY THIS GAME ITS THE BEST EVER, BIGGER BETTER, MORE BADASS!!’ Like fucking sheep u are. We buy games that are quality, we dont need to be told (and just to add something, KZ2 DOES have a TV advert u moron). And just cuz a game sells more, does not make it the best or even a good game. The wii is the best selling console of this gen, does that make it the best?? U guys are fucking retards, if KZ2 was an xbox exclusive, u bitches would be running up the hills shouting from the from top of yr lungs about how it’s the best game ever made, so I dont wanna hear yr green-eyed critisisms about this game! Galo is a game for sissies who dont know how to play FPS properly, so fucking bright and the story is as weak as this article! Fucking stupid guns, and the all that jumping around u love so much is stolen from Unreal Tournament, total rip-off. And it’s not about ‘memorable’ characters, GG are not trying to cater for you xbots, they are making a realistic shooter. U are supposed to focus on that, and the story. And how the hell do u know that Sev wont be a memorable character?? Have u finished the game, do u know the story? No u fucking dont, so dont talk shit about things u know nothing about. Galo has a memorable character, u know how I fucking remember? Republican Space Rangers!! There’s 3 fucking Master Chiefs right there. If u guys dont know what RSRs are, go play GTAIV and watch TV. Then you’ll find out what people (besides u xbots) think of Galo.

18 02 2009

I am so fucking glad this game is an exclusive!! When I’m online I wont have to deal with u fucking rascist cunts (wtf is the deal with tht? why so many rascists on xbl?), and prebubescent kids who cry when I’m owning them 10-0 in team deathmatch!! When i had the online betafor killzone2 we had some xbox team from some gay website trying to play us, they got owned so bad trying to use Galo tactics. Their own teamates left their team to join us helghast, it was pathetic in the end. After a few games of being owned they left killzone and i haven’t seen them since. Still on galo no doubt, playing 10 yr olds.

18 02 2009

thank god if it was it wouldent sell half as well, halo is the most over rated game in exsistance even halo 1 and 2 were better.
the only thing i liked about halo 3 is its colourfull but than thats unrealistik.
like if you go to another world starting a war i dont think the battleground is going to look like sunshine lolly pops and rainbows like in halo 3..

18 02 2009

It’s not trying to be Halo. Don’t you get it yet? Just get the game, play it, enjoy it and stop trying to compare it to something it has nothing to do with. Just because it is a FPS does not mean you are going to milk the same cow. Geez just enjoy technology and get your draws out the wad they are in.

18 02 2009

Easy with the comments guys, sheesh, he is clearly wrong but take it easy.

18 02 2009

And still, 56% voted for “Yes”.

18 02 2009
Neutral 2

what this guy is also forgetting this is the first build of killzone on the ps3, so the good news is this will be the worse killzone to be released on the ps3 with the ground work finished the next release they will be able to concentrate on other things that you children have been moaning about.

and as for it being the next halo….? I want Halo to be Halo and Killzone to be Killzone

18 02 2009

WHy dont you wait till it comes out before you make stupid articles like this one

18 02 2009

didnt the original killzone sell like, 2 million, i dunno about your circle of people, but me and my friends thought it was great

18 02 2009

Halo has a huge fan base and marketing

Killzone 2 seems like a great game

I care more about the quality of the game than it having a huge fan base or marketing… It will be a long time when a FPS surpass Halo on fanbase considering the entire Xbox brand revolves around it. Xbox is Halo and most people that buy Xbox is for Halo games but if we’re talking about quality there are some games that already killed Halo on that aspect.

Halo exist and is so popular because it was the only decent game on the first box and now people see it like the second coming of jesus.

Halo is overrated like the GTA series.

18 02 2009

Ignore these kids, they hate anyone who does not mindlessly worship at the alter of KZ2.

Great article and great reasons, well thought out and over due.

Thank you for it.

18 02 2009

The first KZ2 wasn’t great in terms of gameplay and framerate. But everyone I know fucking loved it for the weapons, the ‘war’ feel u got when playing, multiple characters, and most imporantly it’s a GREAT fucking story!! It’s only those galo fans that hated it, just like they wanna hate this one. All I can say is they are jealous, so they make up excuses. The truth is, all these hardcore Galo fans are just not good enough to play KZ2, and thats the bare bones of it. U try to bring tht Galo shite to the battlefield of Helghast and you WILL get owned!

18 02 2009

You guys are such fanboys.

The Halo series is fantastic, Killzone 2 is trying to achieve Halo status.

COD 4 doesn’t own Halo, Halo 3 sold more on the 360 & Halo 3 was the most played game in 2008 as reported by XBOX LIVE & Major Nelson. Also, Halo 3 is still in the top 50 for game sales each week, COD 4 hasn’t been in the top 50 for a long time now.

You guys can hate all you want, but: people play split screen, co-op, forge, saved films, & all the game play is smooth as silk. 30+million units of the Halo series sold cant be hype! Hate on haters.

18 02 2009

I own both systems. i have Cod W@W on both of them and at any given time throughout the day i can look at the players online for COD and Halo 3 and Halo will have more people online then both versons of COD combined. So Halo is still on top.

As for KZ2 it looks like a varient of COD. Y is it that every game that the PS has to come out is the next Halo killer? Look at HAZE. lol what a joke. it was thought to be a halo killer. look at R2. thought to be a halo killer. I love the game and its my favorite series by far of any games on any system but its not a halo killer. i honestly think that the only thing that will kill Halo is halo itself.

18 02 2009

LMAO at this post and you comments, who would have though it would have generated so much traffic for this guy.

18 02 2009

i dont see it pullin’ halo nubers..so no it will not become the top shooter played or sold.

18 02 2009

Darkie, ur a F’n m$ fanboy or thinks halo is the best game ever made. I bet everyone here that u would buy a piece of shit if it has the word halo on it or came out of bill gates ass or w/e. Everyone but the idiot that wrote the article knows the reasons he gave are retarded. I can come up with 10 reasons why kz2 WILL be better than halo

18 02 2009

Your argument about how KZ2 will not be the next Halo is irrelevant, repetitive in reasoning, and childish in a matter of speaking.

KZ2 is not like Halo; Halo is not like KZ2. They are practically two different genre of shooters inside of the FPS genre.

a Halo/KZ2 fan

18 02 2009

Your comments for split screen, marketing and multiplayer all FAIL.

Split Screen is still a possibility through software updates, and we’re still 10 days away from the release date so you can’t say the marketing is horrible. I did already see some ads and I’m sure when it comes a couple days before the release we’ll be seeing it everywhere.

And multiplayer is one of the biggest things for Killzone 2, I really don’t know what your talking about. The game isn’t even out yet, try making another one of these a couple weeks after the game is released.

…you sure do sound like a X360 fanboy to me

18 02 2009
ps2 king

halo series was shit anyway both kz1 and kz2 kicks halos ass anyday anytime

18 02 2009

KZ2 dose not need to be the next Halo?

Cause its the next step of all FPS game.

18 02 2009

Number one reason why the author of this article will never be relevant:
Spell checking. This is not random post in a forum, this is an “article” (read: propaganda) linked to n4g. The website has the word “wordpress” in it. Was this a race to post? Take a second and read it over once, proper spelling and grammar does wonders for your credibility, which you will again lose immediately for piling on this idiotic fanboy war.

18 02 2009

Split screen? what is this? the 80’s?

I think KZ2 will be fine. It’s going to blow Halo away…people will be like Halo what?

I guess you ran out of things to write about?

18 02 2009

Wow.. you mention KZ and the sony fanboys come out in droves wow….. and yes SPlit Screen is STILL an important feature for people, me and my friends use to play Split Screen all the time, and it gives those people WITHOUT online an option so to say thats an “80s” feature is idiotic. And yes COD beat Halo 3 in online but it quickly took its crown back. So yes Halo 3 is still the game to beat when it comes to multiplayer. Only thing fanboys can talk about with KZ is the graphics, and you know if the game DOESNT live up to expectations they will still be saying its the greatest. But it dont matter i have both systems and will play all the AAA titles that come out so i can really careless.

18 02 2009

Why does K2 need to be marketed any better than it already has. Last I checked, there were over 1.1 million pre-sales of the game–1.1 MILLION, HOMEY!!!!!!And that’s not including word-of-mouth marketing once the game is released. Good product does not need to be marketed with gimmicks like soda and other bull—-. It needs to deliver on gameplay, and from what I’ve seen & witnessed in the playable demo, K2 will be the king in 09 and probably beyond (or atleast until God Of War III or Drakes 2). You say you’re not an xbox fanboy; you sure sound like one. Quit bashing the damn game, pointing out what it DOESN’T have and relish in what it DOES have. Guess you’ll be bashing Drakes 2 and God Of War next, huh?!?!? Unbelievable….

18 02 2009

Man who gives a shit really?? It’s like this Halos is for the space star trek dress up geeks. Killzone is for real muthafuckas that love blood, guts, cussing and violence. Or better yet Halso is for ppl that like to play DOA volleyball as Killzone is for men that like to watch Mixed Martial Arts and see some bodies face get bash in or them attempting to break a fuckers arm.

Halo is colorful and pretty. Killzone is DARK and all about kickin ass.

Halo is a Bambi movie. Of course is will sell it’s cute colorful and marketable. Pretty much rated PG. Killzone is a that new RAMBO movie. It’s Grimmy, dark and rated RMG = REAL MAN GAME.

Honestly I don’t care I rather not have it anything close to halo. Halo is pretty much something my 7 yr daughter likes to play. Killzone is for adults that don’t wants kids around.

I have 2 XBOXs, 1 XBOX 360 and 1 PS3. The ONLY reasons I have XBOX was for NINJA GAIDEN, NINJA GAIDEN BLACK and NINJA GAIDEN 2. Other then that I don’t have much games for the XBOXs. PS3 was only picked up for KILLZONE 2 yet I prefer more games on PS3 over XBOX. This game is going to be SICK SHIT!

Also when did the creators of KILLZONE ever compare it to Halo? Never. Reason being you can’t. It’s too dark.

Anyways ppl like what you like. If you like shooting up colorful pink, blue, green, purple etc aliens. Do what you do. Play Halo for what it is worth. It’s meant to looks amazing when it comes to colors.

I’ll stick to KILLZONE 1 and 2 just cuz this game suits me and just looks damn awesome. Also Call Of Duty 4 is great game.

18 02 2009

Iconic character?

What about the helghast?

They may not be the main character but they are the symbol of killzone. I mean halos enemies are not iconic at all

18 02 2009
David Macphail

Of course Killzone 2 won’t be the next Halo, want to know why? Killzone 2 has:

Good graphics (That’s right, i went there).

Realistic particle effects.

Marketing – there ARE Killzone 2 ad’s on TV right now (At least in the UK), Sony have announced a HUGE marketing budget for this game.

A main character who doesn’t have a goofy name (“Master Chief” could easily be confused with “Master Chef”).

Killzone 2 has already surpassed what Halo 3 did technologically, it may not end up selling 9 million copies, however it HAS sold over 1.1 million already and it’s not even out yet.

18 02 2009

You are a fucking fanboy nerd. Halo was a garbage game with terrible graphics. Go back to your XBOX360 and have sex with the disc drive you homo

18 02 2009

Ok, I haven’t read all the comments so I don’t know if this has been said. I won’t call you an xbot, I will just say you are wrong on several areas.
Kilzzone 2 does have split-screen, though only in multiplayer, and to compensate I think this is the first 7th gen game EVER to include BOTS!
Also, Sony has stated you will see KZ2 ads “everywhere”. They got a massive marketing budget, they just haven’t launched their campaign yet, since Killzone 2 isn’t out yet! You said yourself Halo ads were everywhere the day before release. And this isn’t the day before the release of Killzone 2.
Maybe Killzone 2 don’t have the different modes, maps and character customisation as Halo, but it is a lot deeper with a lot of different gameplay combinations with its badge system.
Also, while it didn’t have a big fanbase from KZ1, it did have some, and even more fans from KZ:L. Besides, all the hype for the game has generated interest in hundreds of thousands people, no matter if they played Killzone 1 or not. So it will end up creating (if it hasn’t already) a huge fanbase, as if KZ2 was a franchise of it own.
Though you are probably right about the memorable character. While Master Chief was faceless, his appearance somehow turned memorable. But as you said, Helghast is the memorable character from the game, and if Master Chief did have a impact on the success of Halo, then I think the Helghast will have the excact same impact on KZ2.

18 02 2009

so, why does every game have to be the next halo? I’m not trying to bash halo or anything but if every game was just like halo then why bother making games? as for you 5 reasons however, you do have a point. the two points that will matter the most would be it’s fanbase and the marketing. killzone isn’t really well known and sony isn’t really advertising it like they should. Regardless, KZ2 will kick all sorts of ass. I can’t wait to get it.

19 02 2009
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[…] 5 reasons why killzone wont be the next halo       […]

19 02 2009

i read pretty much all of the comments, and for the most part they’re all true. however two big wrong statements in here. one, kz2 doesn’t feature split screen or co op in any form. what it does have is an awesome offline skirmish mode that i could play for hours straight. second, master chief is not a name made up by bungie. it is the highest official enlisted rank in the navy/marines. you should be more upset with the lack of originality in the name rather it sounding stupid to you.

19 02 2009
ps3 fanboy

ure a stupid xbot fanboy who just wants to see kz2 crash and burn. if i knew u i would find u and beat ure nerdy ass up. u can take ure gaylo and shove it up ure ass u dumb fanboy.

19 02 2009
the main man

yeah kz2 suks and will never be nothing like halo. u stupid ps3 fanboys can go suk a dik. the only reason yall waste ure time on these forums crying is because yall have no games to play. ha ps3 is a joke.

19 02 2009
lag me out

i dont even own a ps3 and i know kz2 is gonna be better than h3 fucking fanbois fuck all ps3 and 360 and wii fanbois

19 02 2009
David Macphail

The Main Man – why are YOU on theese forums, then? LOL. I guess the only reasons Microsoft fanboys spend all their time on theese forums crying is because their 360’s all have RROD. Ha, 360 is a joke!

You are a perfect example of why a brother and sister shouldn’t get married and have kids!

19 02 2009

Makes me laugh, no doubt KZ2 is going to be good halo was great at the time halo 3 ruined it for me. That being said as a PS3 owner and a lil bit of a Sony fan all i can say is that having extremely bad experience with windows and Microsoft in general i try not to touch Microsoft products when i dont need to . they have an awful history of failures with their OS ie bugs etc and they seem to force their products onto the market by throwing money around only to then later realise they should have used that money to make the product quality better. why anyone would consciously fork out money for a Microsoft product they could avoid i will never know. KZ2 will be great Halo was good in its day but its time has passed people should be looking for ways to improve the FPS genre not ways to make it tailored towards Microsoft who quite frankly scare me with the way they are throwing money into the market it could mark the end of quality non rushed games. I for one am glad KZ2 is nothing like halo and that sony and GG did not rush to compete with Xbox.

19 02 2009
Eftikasa Blog


very good


13 03 2009

I don’t understand what’s all mediocre about Halo. The series carved its own path. Look how many features it has brought. Has Killzone done that? No. Not bashing KZ2.(But whoever says KZ1 was good need to be shot) It has its own strength. But it doesn’t have something groundbreaking beside graphic.
Halo has its color like vehicle combat(At least more than most FPS)

I don’t like mindless bashing from both sides. Both sides are pretty immature.
Sure this article is flawed but it doesn’t justify rabid fanboys do stupid and idiotic comments.

And to be objective, how did Killzone 2 kill Halo? In sale? Number of players in online? Halo doesn’t just stop at game. It has spawned lots of merchandise. COD, Killzone do not touch that.

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