5 steps to making Killzone 2 successful

15 01 2009

Killzone 2 will be a major hit on the PS3 console, but if Sony wants to get as many sales as possible, they need to do a few things.

5) Collectors edition
Most AAA games have one, but Killzone 2 wont, according to Sony. This is a major mistake, and loss of money to Sony. Many people would be willing to buy one, and it would only help the sales. There is no disadvantage to having a collectors edition. Not having one, wont hurt the sales much, but it could only help.

4) Multilayer demo/public beta.
The main reason people don’t buy games that they never seen before is either A: They don’t like the series/type of game or B: They don’t have a demo and or public beta. Killzone 2’s multiplayer is a major part of the game, and if there only going to have single player in it, then people wont get to test out the multiplayer. While not having multiplayer shouldn’t effect the sales that much, it still will effect the sales, and it wont hurt.

3) Killzone 2+PS3 combo pack
Killzone 2 is reaching out to all FPS fans, including to those who don’t own a PS3. Most of the previous combo packs for the PS3 don’t have any AAA game associated with it, other than MGS4 pack, none of them had a good FPS that came with it. Releasing a PS3 that comes with a AAA FPS with good multilayer will be very successful, just look at MGS4, those sold out.

2) PS3 Price drop
I know a lot of xbox owners that would love to get their hands on this game, but are unable to due to the price of the PS3, a PS3 Price drop would not only help PS3 sales, it will also help Killzone 2 sales. This paired up with a Killzone 2+PS3 combo pack would drastically increase PS3 sales.

1) Advertise.

I cant say it enough, Sony needs to advertise. Sony wants Killzone 2 to be a very successful game, but you cant be successful if you don’t let people know about your great game. Just seeing a poster at Gamestop wont be enough for some people. Create a Ad on TV with a 30 second game play clip from Killzone 2, and your golden. Advertising such a good game shouldn’t be that hard.

Killzone 2 no matter what will be a great game, following these steps will only make more people aware of how good of a game Killzone 2 is.




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