Review: LittleBigPlanet

1 01 2009

LittleBigPlanet. Play. Create. Share.

In LittleBigPlanet you play as a sack person (also commonly called sack boy) who is a cute, lovable, customizable, character. LittleBigPlanet is a side scrolling, physics based, plat former, exclusive to the PS3.

The good:

LittleBigPlanet is considerably one of the most addicting side scrolling game ever, from the second you enter the game, you are treated with some of the most innovative intro credits (that actually keep you entertained all the way though) and a short, yet fun, tutorial that teaches you all about Little Big Planet. The game is so easy to learn, a 6 year old can play it. You heard me right, a 6 year old can play it, and I even proved it.

After completing the first world, you unlock the second, and it goes on from there, the levels getting harder and harder as you progress. Each level provides fun prizes and costumes that you can pick up throughout the level, and by winning the level. Even more rare prizes require 2 or more players, and or require you “perfecting” the level.

While the single player is loads of fun, it does end quite quickly, but that’s where LBP really shines. It’s multiplayer. LBP contains an easy to use, level builder, that always you to use the various tools, materials, and objects, to create your own level. Creating your own level is very time consuming, but well worth the effort when you’re done, and find your level being played by hundreds of other users. Once you create your level, its as easy as 1…2…3 to publish it on the internet for everyone to play.

A lot of the levels online are a lot of fun, with almost unlimited possibilities on what you can do with the tools provided, there are some amazing levels uploaded on the internet. Getting to them is the exact same way you would a single player level, except it’s a different button, and requires an internet connection. The hearted system works like a favorites list on the web browser; you can heart a level and have it saved into your “favorites list” to play later. You can also heart the creator, to be notified if they upload another level.

The bad:

LittleBigPlanet suffers from several problems, the first problem I actually noticed when playing the game, isn’t really that bad of a problem at all, the single player is very much lacking in length, for those with an internet connection this isn’t much of a problem, but for those that buy the game without an internet connection will find themselves stuck with a very short single player.

For some strange reason Media Molecule decided to require everything used to create a level in the level creator, to be unlocked through the single player. While a lot of the materials and objects are easily earned through simply beating the levels, some of the cooler objects, such as music, and special objects must be unlocked through hidden secrets. This limits those who don’t wish to put in the hours of more effort, to get every single object.

When it comes to multiplayer this game also has several problems. Little Big Planet uses and requires an exceptionally high bandwidth when playing with other players, causing lag. Lag is very common in Little Big Planet, because if one person has a low download/upload rate everyone suffers from it. Little Big Planet also suffers from system lag occasionally, most commonly when first entering a level and when there is a lot going on at one time, such as hundreds of score bubbles in one room.

The ugly:

LittleBigPlanet has many rare, but occasional glitches, that force you to restart your game, such as when joining a game, sometimes you are bombarded with error messages, no matter how many times you slam that triangle button, they won’t stop popping up, forcing you to restart the game. There is even a known glitch that makes the game unplayable, and the only way to get the game to work again is to delete all that time you put into the game, and overwrite the save file. The game is filled with these type of glitches, while mostly rare, there common enough for them to be ugly.

While creating a level, you aren’t limited by what you can do, so much as you are limited by the thermometer. The thermometer is basically the bar that shows how much more you can include in your level, and when trying to create a complex level you feel limited. On top of that there is a whole set of glitches that cause creating levels to be frustrating, and hard to get exactly what you want. Random detaching items, items disappearing, timed or triggered events not going off, and stupid stiff like that.


LittleBigPlanet is a great game for all ages, and easily one of the most addicting games ever. This game makes up for the numerous technical flaws with its excellent game play, and level creator. The almost unlimited stream of online levels helps make this game last a long time, and playing those levels with your friends from halfway around the world make it even more of a blast. LittleBigPlanet is a must buy for all PS3 owners, along as you can handle an occasional glitch.





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